RM 10,050

+ 3-Months Pentesterlab Pro access

+ Thecamparound discount voucher

+ Limited edition t-shirt

+ WGMY 2019 medal

START: 00:01 14-12-2019 | END: 00:01 15-12-2019


  • Maximum of three(3) people per team
  • No off-the-shelf automated scanning tools such as Nessus, OpenVAS, etc. It's useless and we'll kick you out for that lame ass shit
  • No cooperation between players with independent accounts. Sharing of flags or providing revealing hints to other players is cheating, don't do it
  • No attacking the competition infrastructure. If bugs or vulns are found, please alert the competition organizers immediately
  • Absolutely no sabotaging of other competing players, or in any way hindering their independent progress
  • No brute forcing of challenge flag or keys against the scoring server
  • No flooding or DoS attacks. Teams caught in the act will be penalized by a time penalty or a disqualification.
  • The rules and regulations will or might be updated without prior notice
  • At all times, the decision of the WGMY Crew is final on any matter in question


  • To be eligible for prizes, players must fit the following criteria:
    • Malaysian citizen
    • Submit write-up(s) within 48 hours after CTF ends
  • Non-Malaysian are still welcomed to register and play; however, you won’t be eligible for the prizes